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Policies & Insurance

Read through this page before your move!

Moving Policy

Key Important Information: A day before your moving reservation please make a checklist of following: *

Money, jewelry, wallet, safe box, medication....etc, all the valuable items, important paper documents, and other private and confidential items shall be kept with you all the time.

* In Bay Area by law, movers CANNOT be held responsible for valuable items, such as : cash, jewelry, documents, etc, so please make arrangements to transport these items personally ahead of time or keep it with you at all times.

* Anything flammable, such as aerosol cans, paint, gasoline, etc. It cannot be packed or hauled by the movers that you are responsible for its own transportation.

* Stay present during the move and keep your cell phone handy and accessible.

* Keep your children and pet in a safe place that you can supervise at all times & at least 20 feet radius of the loading truck working zone. Or making arrangements ahead of time on Your Day of Moving

* Collect all keys to locking items, put them in a safe place where only you have access.

* Make sure everything is prepared and packed for the move. Check all your cabinets and dressers that have been emptied into the proper package or your moving box, this will save you a lot of time on your moving day.

* Make sure that the driver has been given the correct delivery address and phone number.

* Keep your phone accessible and charged at all times during the moving day. Personal Presence Required at all times

* Please stay present during the time of move with social distance 6-feet and keep your cell phone handy.

* Arrange a safe place for children and pets during the moving loading and unloading time and keep them supervised at all times by the parents/owner. Safety is Top Priority than the speed of loading and unloading.

We will not delay on purpose during the time of move. We want to ensure the environment of our workers and our clients is safe. Please do not rush or pressure movers, that may cause damages that can be easily avoided ,resulting in a dangerous or unprofessional work environment.

At all your loading addresses, please check following: after movers have completed loading from the assigned loading address, prior to leaving for your new location, do a thorough walking-through at your current address and double check to make sure that all your personal belongings on your packing list have been moved from the old home and loaded up to the moving truck. 

At your new destination /unloading address: *When movers finished the unloading service to your new destination, before movers leave: Please send either yourself or appointed family members to go inside the moving truck to check one more time before its departure for the next job site if everything you had on the truck has already been unloaded ,nothing was left in the truck, and check your items to make sure there is no damage.

We will not be responsible and liable for any loss and damages once movers have left from the unloading address. The responsibility and liability of your moving properties will be released immediately at the time of departure.

Insurance Policies

We provide basic cargo insurances:

In most states, cargo insurance is required for moving companies. This type of insurance covers the goods that you transport. If your crew drops and damages a client's computer, for example, this type of insurance would help to cover the cost of the damages.

Level of coverage includes:

$0.60 per pound for each lost or damaged item, regardless of actual value.

This insurance incurs no deductibles and we provide it at no cost to you.

Loss and Damage Liability Exceptions

If the mover decides to reimburse you or replace a lost or damaged item, the mover may claim the item as its property.

Items Excluded from Mover Liability

The mover is not responsible for the condition or safe delivery of any of the following items:

  • Coins, currency, deeds, notes, postage stamps, letters, drafts, or valuable papers of any kind.

  • Jewelry, precious stones, or precious metals.

  • Items of extraordinary value.

  • Items requiring temperature control.

  • Household pets.

  • Live plants.

  • Perishable items.

  • Furniture or other items made of pressboard, particle board or similar pressed material.

Circumstances Excluded from Mover Liability

The mover is not liable for the loss or damage of any article for any of the following circumstances:

  • Breakage for self-packed items, unless you can prove the breakage was due to negligence by the mover.

  • Internal damage to electronics, when there is no visible damage to the external packaging or contents, or if you packed it.

  • Loss or damage from insects, moths, vermin, mold, fungus, or bacteria that develops due to conditions present before the mover picks up your items.

  • Loss or damage from disrepair at time of shipment, as long as the mover noted the disrepair on the inventory form.

  • Undeclared explosives or dangerous items* in your shipment, including any subsequent loss or damage.

  • Defective design, including items easily damaged by atmospheric conditions like temperature or humidity changes.

  • Hostile or warlike action or use of any weapon of war. Whether in time of peace or war, if a government or sovereign power, military, or their agent takes action that damages your goods (to combat or defend against terrorism, insurrection, rebellion, revolution, civil war, or usurped power).

  • Seizure, confiscation, or destruction under quarantine by order of any government or public authority.

  • Disorder, including strikes, lockouts, labor disturbances, riots, civil commotions, or actions by anyone taking part in such a disturbance.

  • Acts of God.


*Movers will not accept the following items for shipment:

  • explosives,

  • dangerous goods; or

  • items liable to damage the mover’s equipment or other property.

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